Our history

Our mission

The goal of DIYARA is not to wear any jewelry in order to have a certain style. We also wanted you to wear something pretty and which allows you to have confidence in yourself , that you feel good .
We wanted everything you wear to serve a greater purpose than just being jewelry , adding our beautiful culture as well as our beautiful language to it.
We wanted people to dress not only to assert their style , but also their sense of identity .

Whether it is vis-à-vis the country they care about, the values ​​of their peoples, customs or style more or less distant from theirs, we believe that all these people needed an outlet. by appropriating the DIYARA style.

Wearing a DIYARA jewel is a source of pride , beyond your real name, while bringing out the person you are deep inside with the hope of becoming even more so.

From Patience to Love to Confidence , our pieces are not just meant to show off the virtues you love, but to serve as a "note to self", in a way, a reminder to always be the best. version of yourself.

Inspired by the poetic and timeless nature of the Arabic language , DIYARA jewelry features many words that carry immense weight to people, whether they are familiar with the language or not.

DIYARA, a brand in search of innovation

Since the conception of our company we have grown enormously and have included more and more culture in our pieces in order to bring together fashion fans, but also people from different cultures from all over the world and those thanks to you .

Our mission is to make you feel great and have the most impact in the world with your help.

Of course we wanted there to be a purpose to all of this. In addition to the article you receive, know that DIYARA is proud to donate a percentage to charities to help people who are victims of war and malnourished and all thanks to your help .

This is an opportunity to do something different that will forever mark the minds of the people in need that we help . And it is legitimate to always strive to have a greater impact in any way possible.

With your help the sky is our only limit , and we hope to use our platform to put a smile on the faces of those who order something and also a smile on the face of those who don't .