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Heart Name Necklace

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Our collection of personalized heart necklaces features a range of popular designs that make perfect gifts for those you love. The perfect gift to mark a special romantic occasion with an evocative pendant she'll love. The alluring style of the heart pendant is incorporated into many of our most popular designs and makes a thoughtful and elegant gift for her . You can engrave many of our heart pendants with special dates or initials to create wonderful birthday, anniversary or Valentine's Day gifts.

Meaning of the heart symbol on jewelry:

The heart is the ultimate symbol of love and passion. It is one of the oldest symbols used to represent love, with a history dating back to ancient Greek mythology. The heart is associated with the heart chakra, which controls our emotions and our ability to love. Heart-shaped jewelry was created as a way for lovers to show their strong feelings for each other. Placing this gem close to the heart signifies that you care deeply for your other half and that your feelings are sincere. Heart-shaped jewelery is therefore the ideal gift for occasions such as Valentine's Day, a birthday or a marriage proposal.

Why offer a necklace with an engraved name?

Giving personalized jewelry is always a great idea, because it shows that you have thought about the person and what will make them happy. Our heart name necklaces are perfect for women who like to wear their initials proudly. They come in different metallic finishes and can be worn everyday as a chic accessory or used to complete an elegant evening outfit. Their simple design means they'll be easy to match with anything your recipient has, from bangle bracelets to solitaire earrings. In addition, our models have all been meticulously worked so that they can sublimate any neckline.

Features of the collection:

  • Each necklace is adorned with a heart in precious metal, suspended from a thin elegant chain.
  • The hearts can be engraved with initials, first names or important dates to create a personalized and unique jewel.
  • Most of our designs are available in several different colors so you can find the perfect pendant for your recipient.
  • All necklaces are delivered in a pretty gift box which will give them even more cachet when they are opened.

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