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arabic name necklace

If you are looking for a beautiful, original, trendy and unique necklace, don't hesitate any longer: name necklaces with Arabic writing are made for you! These sublime jewels combine the beauty of Arabic with that of the first name and express your femininity. These beautiful little accessories will be a sensation with those around you and will bring finesse around the neck.
Giving such a piece of jewelry is a powerful and heartfelt declaration of love, making these necklaces the perfect gift for moms and all the women in your life. Arabic name necklaces carry meaning and deep messages. They also express the pronounced taste for the Orient and its magnificent Arabic calligraphy .

Our collection of Arabic name necklaces are 18k gold plated and include silver and gold options. Some models are embellished with rhinestones, pearls and pendants, while others are more minimalist and timeless. The necklaces are equipped with a resistant clasp and some are even available in rose gold.
Arabic name necklaces are perfect for all occasions (birthday, Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day, engagement...). So don't wait any longer to offer or treat yourself to this type of exceptional jewellery!

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At Diyara we offer you a wide possibility of choice in our personalized Arabic necklaces . What could be better and more meaningful than an Arabic script necklace , to please you or someone who matters to us. You will surely find your happiness in our wide range, we offer you a whole range of choices in the personalization of your jewel .

Personalized necklaces are jewelry of unique value. If you like to add a personal touch to your gifts, the personalized Arabic necklace is the product for you. In addition to being chic and of high quality, it expresses the roots of the wearer.

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Why buy an Arabic name necklace?

Necklaces are the jewels that should reflect the person who wears them the most. These are products that usually tell a story. Whether for you or your loved ones, an Arabic name necklace is an original idea. Whether it's just a simple Arabic name or a word that has a special meaning in your life, it will be emotionally charged. It's a way to show the reflection of beauty in a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. In addition to corresponding to you, it reflects the personality, vision and ambitions of its owner. It will have a unique meaning and be a memorable piece. With a personalized necklace in Arabic, you are not likely to go unnoticed. These are products that have a quality finish. It's a unique gift that won't be forgotten.

  • An original fashionable essential accessory: you must have noticed in recent years many public figures wearing Arab jewelry .
  • With an Arabic calligraphy necklace , you will be able to differentiate yourself with an oriental and unique style .
  • You will wear your first name around your neck but in a discreet way .
  • Nothing better than a personalized gift , to make the person we love understand how much they are worth to us.

How to choose a personalized necklace in Arabic?

The personalized Arabic necklace is an excellent quality product. He is not afraid of water. Even less the sun. It is a necklace that can be worn on different occasions. But for them to really show you off, you have to choose wisely. The choice of such a product is essentially based on tastes and preferences. The choice will be made at the level of the material to be used for the realization of the necklace such as gold plating or stainless steel, but also for the patterns and shapes. The problem does not usually arise when it comes to a personalized necklace in Arabic that mentions a first name. But it should be noted that the first names do not always have the same writing. For particular patterns and signs, you have a wide range of choices. The main thing is that the design where the chosen symbol has a unique meaning and is charged with emotion. Then you will have to choose the material to use for making the necklace. Choose the one that best suits you.

Can I engrave my name in Arabic if it is of French origin?

No matter the root of your first name, we can personalize it . Whether your name is Fatima, Melissa, Sarah, Océane, Myriam, Celia, Lilia or Marie, there is no impact on personalization. You can, when ordering, add your name in French writing, and we will translate it into Arabic for you !

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We combine quality and price:

At Diyara, we offer high quality jewelry at unbeatable prices and really cheap . In addition, we try to make you take advantage of promotions throughout the year but also during special periods and festive periods (black Friday, Christmas, Eid Day , Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, summer promo.. .

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