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DIYARA Shop - Personalized Name Necklaces

The DIYARA store offers a collection of gold-plated and sterling silver necklaces personalized with the first name of your choice. Perfect for a birthday present, birth gift or to celebrate a special relationship, our name necklaces will delight your loved ones.

Various styles to suit all preferences

Discover a variety of styles, from discreet to ostentatious, small to large, and from finely crafted to raw and imposing. Our collection of name necklaces offers a variety of styles and designs to suit your style. Wear the names of your loved ones every day and express your love in an elegant way. Customize the number of names, the color of the stones and the length of the chain thanks to our adjustable options.

Order your name necklace online

To order, click on one of the products by choosing the model, the first name(s) and the desired chain size. After receipt of payment, we will engrave and ship your name necklace. We are committed to delivering quickly so that you can gift this unique piece of jewelry on time. You can also contact us by e-mail for more information or customization options.

A timeless and unique gift

Name necklaces are popular for their timeless and original style. They allow you to express your individuality and make a unique and special gift for your loved ones.

Find the ideal chain length for your necklace

To choose the chain length suitable for your first name necklace, choose models of 40 cm or less for a discreet and sober look. For more fantasy, opt for a chain of more than 45 cm, allowing you to add different pendants according to your desires.

Maintenance and advice for your personalized jewel

Maintain your name necklace by cleaning it regularly with a soft cloth to remove dust and impurities. Use a jewelry solution or warm soapy water for stubborn stains. Avoid household products harmful to gold and silver, contact with water (sea, swimming pool), and remove your necklace before sleeping to limit wear.

Why order your name necklace from us?

  • Gift Boxes: DIYARA store name necklaces can come in stylish gift boxes, perfect for gift giving to a loved one.
  • Handcrafted: Each name necklace in the boutique is handcrafted with care and precision, to ensure a perfect and personalized result for each customer.
  • Express delivery options: For customers who need their name necklace quickly, the DIYARA store could offer two home delivery options, one 3 to 4 days after shipment and one 48 hours for faster delivery.

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