The differences between the Asian world and the Eastern world

The term oriental represents things and people from the East, especially from Eastern Europe. It is a term that the Europeans coined to refer to the tropical and mysterious cultures and peoples of the East. The opposite term of this word is Western which refers to Western things and people.
However, human rights activists in America believe that the term oriental is a loaded word with a bad connotation. Also, they consider this term to be Eurocentric.
People, especially Americans, always refer to Orientals as slanted eyes. Even though these people are from Asian people like Japan, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc., not all of them have slant eyes. The inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent are proof of this. There are great cultural differences among the peoples of various parts of Asia.
It is still better to name the inhabitants of this continent as Asians than Orientals. This term should be used to denote Eastern elements, namely rugs and carpets.

The Asian world

The word Asian is used to represent the inhabitants as well as the objects belonging to this
eastern continent, vis-à-vis Europe. Westerners commonly refer to Asians
depending on the region of Asia to which they belong. Thus, there are Southeast Asians, South Asians,
East and Far East rather than Asians only.
Americans are used to incorporating Asians with those with slanted eyes. Yet the
people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and others do not have such eyes. Of
therefore, this generalization is inaccurate. Without considering their facial features or the color of
their skin, people living in the Asian continent are considered Asians. Those
Turkey, China, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan and Vietnam are too.
As long as the British Empire ruled India, the peoples of the subcontinent were qualified
indians. This inconvenience took place when India was divided into two countries and then into three.

The Eastern World.

Strictly speaking, the word orient means to the east. The etymological meaning of this term is the country of the sun

Levant. Since sunrise in the east, this word has come to mean the east. Western craftsmen
have used the Orient for a long time to express the peoples as well as the distinct cultures of the
European travelers had a particular attraction to things from the East, such as silk
and spices. The oriental term describes the mysterious and exotic aspects of cultures and peoples
who differ in their appearance and their disciplines compared to Western peoples.

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