Flower of life meaning

The Flower of Life and its secrets

Today, we use science to gradually find the facts that we wonder about the universe. This information, revealed through science, also contributes to the evolution of consciousness. This geometry describing the universe; While explaining all the knowledge and mystery of the universe, it also shows the divine order of our form and reality that underlies our existence. Sacred Geometry, most clearly expressed by the Flower of Life, is said to contain all of creation. Everything we see is created with this pattern, and it even contains the secrets and information of creation. There is balance and order in the universe we live in. It is a creation, a created perfection, and Sacred Geometry is the basis of all that exists. In the universe we live in, everything is in order. It is possible to encounter this impressive geometry everywhere we look. Today we will share with you a lot of information about the Flower of Life and its secrets.

Flower of life concept

Symbols and the actual meanings of these symbols are of great importance in human life. When we look at the past periods, we see that these important symbols in human life resemble various symbols and stones. These symbols vary from person to person in our lives. Sometimes a star, sometimes a heart, sometimes a flower, and sometimes symbols that only matter to us but mean nothing to others. One of the millions of symbols can mean a lot to you. However, there is one of these symbols, which is accepted as the most important among symbols: the "flower of life" The symbol of the flower of life , which is expressed in geometric terms of the creation of all living things, is accepted as a signature of the creator, showing that there is only one creator with the symbols he possesses. Indeed, the order of creation of all living beings is hidden in the geometry of the flower of life symbol. The focal point of the Flower of Life is its pure form and immense proportions. The flower of life is a shape that fascinates people with its geometry, which has a huge proportion, consisting of nineteen intertwined circles with the same area and a large circle outside. They are actually three-dimensional spheres.

The History of the Flower of Life

The Flower of Life patterns are accepted as the starting point of the sacred proportions that make up everything in the universe. In fact, as we just mentioned, it is a sphere, not a circle. It is associated with sacred geometry. Sacred geometry helps us reach the reality of ourselves and the universe. Although the Flower of Life symbol is found all over the world, it is also known by the same name all over the world. It has different names elsewhere in the universe. "Language of Silence" and "Language of Light" are just a few of these names. The pure form and the immense proportions are its greatest characteristics. The Flower of Life symbol contains Plato's five forms and Metatron's cube. When these forms are examined, we actually see how the entire existence is constructed. It is possible to see the flower of life symbol in many religions. When examined not only in religious sources but also in archaeological excavations, we see that many empires and states use the flower of life symbol. It is possible to see fine examples of this among the Sumerians, Egyptians, Turks and in many different geographical regions. Past and present research shows us that it is believed that the intuitive power of the person who wears this symbol will increase and be shielded from negative energies. This sacred geometry is an underlying symbol of our being and shows the divine order of our reality. We can follow this order from the invisible atom to the infinite number of stars, and search for the meaning of our existence.


Using the Flower of Life Symbol in Jewelry

People, especially us women, like to learn what the symbols in our life mean and wear the ones that mean something to us. It is very important for us to know what jewelry we wear, what symbol it has, what kind of material it is made of, if it has any meaning and by whom it was given. The flower of life symbol is also a wonderful symbol with sacred geometry that we would like to use. It carries within it all the meaning of the universe. And with its pure form and enormous proportions, it also dazzles as a piece of jewelry. It is said to take the negative energy of the person wearing it. The proof of God is a kind of signature. Since it expresses both religion and the universe with science, it has a scientific aspect, an expression. This symbol, which contains all the secrets of life, will look harmonious and modern in many types of jewelry. Because it is usually worn across the chest and near the heart, the Flower of Life Symbol is often used in necklace designs. However, many people want to use the flower of life symbol in jewelry designs such as bracelets and rings. You can also choose a pendant designed with the symbol of the flower of life at the end of a thin chain. It will look quite stylish. If you say you don't like wearing necklaces, you can choose a thin chain bracelet. In this way you will have both an elegant elegance and you will see that this symbol contributes to your health. We tell you for those who will prefer to use the flower of life symbol ring as well as necklaces and bracelets, no matter the size, it will add elegance to your elegance and elegance to your elegance.

Is it useful to wear the flower of life?

At the beginning of our article, we shared with you that the flower of life is a shape that fascinates people with its geometry, which has a huge proportion, consisting of nineteen intertwining circles of equal area and a large circle at the outside. It is known that the intuitive power of people who wear jewelry with the symbol of the flower of life, which contains the secrets of all life, increases. In general, we can share defects with you as follows:

• It ensures that bad sources of energy are removed from people.

• It helps people to have a more energetic mood and cleanse their soul,

• The belief in the flower of life of people who use it regularly is said to increase and create new awareness in people. People who get used to this feel a sense of absence and emptiness when they stop wearing their jewelry. If you are one of those who says I want to wear them but I don't like to wear jewelry, don't worry, we have a solution for you. In order to benefit from the benefits of the flower of life, he can also hide the flower of life by drawing. It is very important to draw it perfectly. It has enormous geometry and carries all the secrets of the universe. If you want to draw the flower of life, follow the steps below:

• First draw a large circle.

• Then draw another circle on the circumference of this circle and draw another circle on the point of intersection of these two circles.

• Carefully repeat this process several times.

• Finally, connect the centers of the circles you have drawn. Once this process is complete, your flower of life symbol will be finished on paper. As you can see, today we talked about a symbol that carries the secret of the universe and the benefits it will bring to you. Keep reading us.

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